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For the past two weeks I wanted students to work in teams using their books, periodic tables, and computers for research to find information about metals and nonmetals. So, I created metals and nonmetals Pear Decks that didn’t have any drawing slides so that the kids could learn through teamwork and move quickly through the questions. I started by quickly selecting teams using Wheel Decide, then had them work through the two assignments in student-paced mode. Normally, I just move through the slides showing correct answers letting the students change the answers in real-time. To me, grading these formative assessments is an unnecessary additional step since it’s about the learning, and the grade is an external reward. But, this time, I added a “new question” to the end of the deck, where they could grade themselves; four being a perfect score. The new question function is disabled in student-paced mode, but shows up immediately after changing the deck back to presentation mode. I realized that since this new question type was a draw slide that I’d need to limit their time. Otherwise, they’d dally and draw all over the score they chose, so I used the minute timer. Of course, almost all had a perfect score of 4.