Animal Dreams didjeridu CD

by Dave Crowder

Initially learning to play didjeridu from a previous Science student in 1995, Dave is a school teacher with a musical slant. Having been inspired and influenced by nature and the hypnotic rhythms of the Mid-East, Africa, & the Caribbean, he has been a member of the rock fusion band BushTic and many world fusion ensembles. After his involvement in several different CD projects as a guest musician, he gained the confidence to eventually release his first self-produced CD called Animal Dreams November 2002. ” Where rhythm & percussion fuse with world instruments and the sounds of nature!”


Hand Drumming Music Notation

It is our hope that this particular form of notation spreads through the hand drumming music community. Most hand drumming notation sites use “X”s and “O”s, or boxes with long illogical explanations for handedness & technique. Also, they’re usually incomplete (don’t include all the drum & bell parts), or aren’t accurate enough to get the “feel” of the music.

Thus, we offer this for posterity’s sake. All repertoire below is free, though it is HIGHLY recommended that you read David’s study guide first. It will greatly help in understanding this unique notation.

Afro-Cuban Conga Study Group 7/03
Dave Crowder

Conga Techniques By Dave Lyons

Song Files

2 Ellegua Songs 2020

Guiro for Oya 2012

Bata Osain 2012

Iyesa 2015

Yambu Jan3-09



Segments of the David Peñalosa Interview: a review of Clave Matrix

Three Against Two

Three Against Two in the Book Clave Matrix

The Driving Concept behind African Rhythms

His Latest book Rumba Quinto

Videos of My Music


A simple folk song done by Vashti Bunyan called “Come Wind Come Rain” with me dubbed in. This is how I study music, putting in the miles recording and honing it is an education, and this song was calling out to me!

Just some Oya Rezos, but done over clave and a guaguanco. My friend André was enlisted to play the quinto. The bottom end is lost on computer speakers. Better with Headphones. Here’s some written music:

These Arara songs are some of my favorite songs in the Cuban repertoire. I hope you feel the love that I do for these beautiful songs! I first heard Sarago and Agomado on Arturo Rodriguez’s Interact and Learn Mel Bay Bembe CD/Instruction manual. Dave Lyons shared his versions which are influenced more by Lazaro Ross. Also, the four drum Bembe is his creation. Sieno Magwa Eh comes from a combination of Jeff Porter and John Santos’s Hacia El Amor. Stylistically, the harmonies and heart is influenced mainly by my favorite Afro-Cuban singer Lazaro Galarraga. The notation for these three songs can be found here:

Guaguanco Congo Yambumba

Scott – Clave, 3 Daves – Quinto, Tumba, Vocals, Chris – Kata, & Eric – Tres Dos, playing Los Muñequito’s version of Congo Yambumba at the Nederland Farmer’s Market August 8th 2021.


Dave Crowder, Dave Lyons, Maurizio Capparelli, Thomas Vanschoik, Dave Stevens Sr, Dave Stevens Jr, Eric Walker, Mike Spencer, all play an Iyesa on Bata, Conga, and Bongo. Songs are for Ochun and Ellegua. This small performance was at the Nov. Souper Supper at Louisville Middle School Colorado 2011.


Bamboche plays a bembe for an African Girl’s Sega School fundraiser benefit. At 2:30, Fara and his brother dance for Ogun. Nov. 17th 2010.



Dave Crowder, Dave Lyons, and Janis Kelly sing a few Arara, then Lukumi songs to Asoyin and Babaluaye. This small performance was at the Nov. 14th Souper Supper at Louisville Middle School Colorado 2012.



Bamboche playing a fundraiser for a new Waldorf School in Niwot CO Feb 5th 2011. This song is the Cuban “Congo Yambumba”.



This is Bamboche playing Iyesa for the Waldorf school fundraiser in Niwot Colorado on Feb. 5th 2011. The first set of songs led by Dave Lyons are to Ochun, and the second set led by Eric Walker are to Ellegua.


Boulder Bamboche Study Group 8-4-17. Mike is just back from Cuba and wants to record some quinto for his teachers in Cuba. So, we oblige.