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A. School Leadership – Teachers demonstrate leadership in their schools

B. Professional Leadership – Teachers contribute knowledge and skills to educational practices and the teaching profession

August 10th, September 18th, & October 13th 2017 Facilitator for Formative Assessment Using Innovative Tools: 3 workshops 3 1/2 hrs. each

August 20th Application to become a Pear Deck Certified Coach.
Acceptance Letter from Risa Fadenrecht on September 8th

November 29th Accepted

September 10th Created Video For helping Teachers With Using PearDeck for Homework Assignments

September 26th First Tech Contacts Meeting of the School Year. Continue as Tech Contact for LMS

November 4th Facilitator at Colorado Summit at Monarch High School for Formative Assessment Using Innovative Tools along with Kim Becker

November 17th Application to be a presenter at Innedco 2018

April 28-29thPresenter for Peardeck at Aspen EdTech Summit


D. Technology – Teachers thoughtfully integrate and utilize appropriate available technology in their instruction to maximize student learning

Continued use of Clickers throughout the 17/18 school year.

Clickers are the quickest way to insure that every student answers questions and learns from drilling of large amounts of material that I’ve found!

Continued use of SMART SLATE throughout the 17/18 school year.

The Smart Slate is a very powerful tool that allows me to teach from any part of the room and still control the display board!

September 1st Began use of a Front Row Juno as recommended by the district Speech and Hearing coordinator. I am finding this tool helpful, and is saving my voice somewhat.

September 6th Created video Thank You Response to Jack Fisher’s Shout Out to LMS.

October 20th Received Fire Starter badge for having 6 hours of student Flip Grids. Flip Grids are recordings students make in response to formative assessment questions that the teacher asks. I have been embedding these in Peardeck sessions. They are a GREAT way to ask that last encompassing question!

November 11th Made Blog for LMS study group on Activating Learners to Become Resources for Other Learners: Peardeck’s Dashboard Helps Foster Inclusion

December Interviewed for case study for TechSmith by DSC

B. Assessments – Teachers plan and consistently deliver instruction that draws on results of student assessments, is aligned to academic standards, and advances students’ level of content knowledge and skills H. Feedback – Teachers use appropriate methods to assess what each student has learned, including formal and informal assessments, and use results to plan further instruction

September 1-6th Use of Peardeck as Formative Assessment Strategy with 6th grade classes for more complete understanding of Scientific Method and Measurement.

September 14-15th Use of Peardeck as Formative Assessment Strategy with 6th grade classes for more complete understanding of Scientific Experimentation and Graphing Results.

October 6th 2017 Use of Peardeck as Formative Assessment Strategy with 6th grade classes for more complete understanding of the Scientific Method and Graphing.

Example Flip Grids From Oct. 6th

October 18-20th Presented a Peardeck Session as an introductory unit on Acceleration.

February 9th Presented Peardeck Session as a Think-Pair-Share on Why do Balloons rise? & What happens if a car accelerates with a balloon inside? Homework link: Balloons Rise Homework