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A. School Leadership – Teachers demonstrate leadership in their schools

B. Professional Leadership – Teachers contribute knowledge and skills to educational practices and the teaching profession

Another Year as a Certified Pear Deck Coach!

August 9th & September 17th 8:00-11:30 2018 Facilitator/Presenter for Formative Assessment Using Digital Tools: 2 workshops 3 1/2 hrs. each
Section #22635 & #21347

August 19th Created Video For helping Teachers With Using IC Messenger

August 14th Continued Tech helper Role at LMS, 2 hour session with Mr. Harrison and Mr. McKegg getting them started with Pear Deck.

September 17-20th Helped H Mitzelfeld with starting her first Pear Deck for her remote World Language class, also a follow-up where she learned more capabilities of the dashboard.

August 24th Helped Mrs. Carew begin the use of Flipgrid instead of filming an activity with her phone and uploading the .mov files.

August 31st During 6th period Science, shared with Mr. Harrison Pear Deck What is Science? so that he could see “peardagogy” on systems and approaches using Pear Deck

September 1st Google Meeting with Dan at Pear Deck for a preview and feedback of their latest feature to be implemented next month. A Chrome extension called “power up” that fully integrates Google Slides with the Pear Deck Add-On! It is SUPER COOL!

August/September My submission to The Pear Deck Orchard: Chemical Equations Deck is now proudly, a permanent fixture!

September 3rd Submission to the Colorado Google Summit for November 3-4 at Meadowlark School on using Pear Deck in the Science Classroom. Kim Becker and I have a 90 minute session on Sunday Nov. 4th on Pear Deck in the Science Classroom
Session Evaluation from participants 5 out of 5 rating!

September 15th Blog on Using Pear Deck for Science Teachers

September 19th

Received award for going beyond by helping a student with understanding calculus fundamentals

October 4th Created Video For helping Teachers With New Read Plan

January 29th Chris Harrison and I facilitate workshop on Pear Deck in my classroom after school.

February 6th Facilitated workshop on use of Pear Deck with 2 other teachers during morning Professional Development.

March 14th

Louisville Middle School’s 2019 BVSD Impact Award winner!

April 25th Sent this e-mail to staff about a friend’s book on using Technology in the Classroom by Stacey Roshan:
Tech With Heart
This lady has been using Pear Deck as long as I have. We know each other through the Pear Deck Slack channel, and she admittedly relies a great deal on Pear Deck as her go-to tool.


D. Technology – Teachers thoughtfully integrate and utilize appropriate available technology in their instruction to maximize student learning

Continued use of Clickers throughout the 18/19 school year.

Clickers are the quickest way to insure that every student answers questions and learns from drilling of large amounts of material!

Continued use of SMART SLATE throughout the 18/19 school year.

The Smart Slate is a very powerful tool that allows me to teach from any part of the room and still control the display board!

Continued use of “leveled” tests which I started last year due to conversations with Mrs. Carew and the math team.

Year End Final 2018
First Quiz this year 2018
1st Semester Final 2018

Continued use of Pear Deck as the most useful Formative Assessment Tool
I have already been using it on a daily basis in August for touch typing practice with my morning Java Class.

August 31st Pear Deck What is Science? First one of the year, so loads of coaching the kids on “Peardagogy”. Included one share-out with colleague Chris Harrison.

September 7th First use of ActivelyLearn Online Reading LMS this year with Java Class. An article that debates whether online technology is “making us smarter or dumber” It was great for the motivated Readers/Writers in the class! Will need to scaffold with 6th graders this year.

September 17-18th Pear Deck on Data Tables and Graphing with 6th Grade Science

September 19th Began use of Khan Academy on Java Coding with my Java Class after the suggestion at the LMS fundraiser from a parent. Further use with Science Club planned.

November 20th Created a randomizer page for randomizing my classes since our PCs will be decommissioned and we will need a cloud-based option for choosing groups. I decided on Letting the Wheel Decide. “WINK” };-)

December 19th Java Final Exam 1st Semester The first of its kind: An evaluation/fun activity

January 29th Use of New Classroom Management software called Class Craft in Java class The kids have really taken to it after the first day of its use!

April 11th This has to be some kind of record on student engagement numbers from last week!

June End of Year Engagement stats from Pear Deck that illustrates in numbers its interactive power