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A. School Leadership – Teachers demonstrate leadership in their schools

B. Professional Leadership – Teachers contribute knowledge and skills to educational practices and the teaching profession

LMS Tech Contact 2013-14-15-17
August 3rd: Sent link and join code to staff via e-mail for joining the LMS Teacher Blog where we can discuss best teaching practices.

June 25th-September 24th: Ongoing email conversation with Nick Park of Peardeck and Andrew Moore, Kelly Sain, and Ron Cabrera of BVSD’s IT department, with the intent of supporting our district’s teachers with the complete Peardeck program by purchasing their site-license. This has been a long process, but have tried to facilitate moving our district forward with the use of this effective formative assessment tool, while also saving money for both the teachers and district!

Mentoring New Physical Science Teachers Aug 8th: 10:00-11:30 AM with Erin Mayer and Mark Wright at Casey Middle School. Also, Jen Kemen at LMS.

Presenter at Innovate@BVSD on Using Formative Assessment with Peardeck June 8th 2016 Monarch High School

Exhibitor for Techsmith, on Flipping The Classroom with Camtasia, for Denver’s ISTE Conference in June 26-29th 2016

August 15th: Presenter at LMS on using Formative Assessments with Peardeck to six different rotations from 8:00am – 11:25

August 16th: Presenter at BVSD’s Secondary Science Professional Development Day 1:35-2:30 on using Formative Assessments with Peardeck. Sam Messier’s Thank You Note

November 5-6 Presenter at Google Summit Monarch High School on Using Peardeck for Formative Assessments EdTechTeam Pass

June 7th Co-Presenter with Kim Becker on Using Peardeck for Powerful Formative Assessments @ Innovate BVSD Monarch High School

Event Bright Innovate Pass

Survey Results for the Class


D. Technology – Teachers thoughtfully integrate and utilize appropriate available technology in their instruction to maximize student learning

Continued use of Clickers throughout the 16/17 school year.

Clickers are the quickest way to insure that every student answers questions and learns from drilling of large amounts of material that I’ve found! After December break and mandatory Windows upgrades = loss of ability to save clicker sessions. Thus, loss of the ability to grade clicker sessions.

Implementation of new 7 minute flipped Back-to-school-night video for parents at Back-to-school-night.

August 21st Intro video and review of class pre-assessment for 8th Grade Earth Science at Boulder Universal for online students

August 28th Topography Lesson Flipped for Boulder Universal students

September 18th Earthquake Triangulation Video
For the lab at Geology Online Labs – Triangulation For Earthquake Triangulation Lesson at Boulder Universal

September 25th How to Use the Online Textbook Video

Further extended use of the Formative Assessment tool Peardeck to be used throughout the year

September 19-20th Peardeck Questions “Data Tables and Graphs”

October 4th Peardeck Questions “Inclined Roll Lab” Used as a formative assessment device before actual lab graphing and lab write-up in order to further the advancement of their final product and student engagement during the write-up period.

B. Assessments – Teachers plan and consistently deliver instruction that draws on results of student assessments, is aligned to academic standards, and advances students’ level of content knowledge and skills H. Feedback – Teachers use appropriate methods to assess what each student has learned, including formal and informal assessments, and use results to plan further instruction

August 23 Beginning the use of Schoology’s discussion interface to teach 8th grade Earth Science online for Boulder Universal. Schoology link to Discussion

September 19-23rd On Peardeck Questions “Data Tables and Graphs”, beginning the use of Takeaways and Use of Peardeck with Science Club for topic focus. Students were engaged for a total of 1157 times!

January 6th, 9th Testing Peardeck’s new beta version with Energy Questions. Most questions were essay type, but also tried a “quick question” response, and it proved to be very effective! Definitely will use this feature in the future! Sent feedback to Peardeck on several problems and also some positive feedback.

January 23,24,27th Demonstrating Peardeck during Absolute Zero Movie to interested staff during a week of “Learning Walks”.

February 15th Peardeck used as a formative assessments for deeper investigation into State Changes and Energies associated with those transformations. This preceded the Friday quiz thus influencing the outcome.

March 4th Peardeck used as a formative assessments during a flipped video lesson into the History of the Atomic Theory.

March 24th Peardeck Sessions during flipped video lessons on Elements.

April 3rd-5th Used Peardeck as a real-time display for finishing Element Movie Questions. Students completed the last 3 essay questions on paper, while two students used computers and their exemplars were posted as an aid for the rest. These were graded during the same class period.

April 5th-7th “Neon” Expo pens were used to write on desks. Teams practiced for a better understanding of Atomic Configurations. Before this activity, students were taught how to determine the amounts of Protons, Neutrons, and Electrons, in correct energy levels by using the periodic table, to calculate the numbers for all of the sub-atomic particles. This was a quick interim exercise that overlapped and reinforced this week’s main project: “The Alien Periodic Table”. Student Example

Do You Know This Element? Just Count the Protons, and That’s its Atomic Number!

April 25-26th Peardeck used as formative assessment to help students understand the difference in compounds that share electrons for bonding – “Covalent”, and those that give and take electrons for bonding – “Ionic”.

In the next Formative exercise, students are asked to make models of compounds. After the Peardeck questions they, are able to create models of some pretty complex molecules, like Glucose!

May 24-25th Peardeck used as formative assessment to help students understand Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions and the Chemistry of an Acid Base Reaction. Also The differences in Longitudinal and Sinusoidal Waves