Welcome to Vol. 1 - Plate Tectonics

This whole unit is worth a total of 19 points. This unit's questions can be answered by using the links provided above each set of questions. All assignments must have BOTH the QUESTIONS and the ANSWERS. You can either e-mail me your questions and answers, or turn them in to your class's in-box in my room. Make sure that you have read over your answers SEVERAL times.

  1. (1 pt.)What book did Wegener write that became the standard text used in Germany on meterology?

    The Dynamic Earth
  2. (1 pt.) How can plate tectonics help in earthquake prediction?
  3. (1 pt.) What does the Greek word "Pangaea" mean?
  4. (1 pt.) What forces did Wegener suggest cause the movements of continents on the Earth's surface?
  5. (1 pt.) What is the only dinosaur species found in Antarctica?
  6. (1 pt.) How is the above dinosaur different from the Allosaurus?
  7. (1 pt.) What did sonar instruments after World War I discover?
  8. (1 pt.) How can sea floor crust continuously be added without increasing the size of the Earth?
  9. (1 pt.) In which direction is the Australian plate moving?

    Alaskan Earth Quakes
  10. (2 pts.) Where are most of Alaska's recent earthquakes located in degrees Longitude and Latitude, and what is your hypothesis for the reason why?

    Plate Tectonics Intro
  11. (1 pt.) What are the two theories for why the plates, or continents drift?

    Divergent Boundaries
  12. (1 pt.) About how fast are North America and Europe separating?

    Convergent Boundaries
  13. (1 pt.) Why isn't the Earth getting bigger since we have evidence the continents are separating?

    Transform Boundaries
  14. (1 pt.) How soon will Los Angeles be North of San Francisco?

    Plate Movement
  15. (1 pt.) From the Mesozoic Era to Recent, what direction has India apparantly moved?

    Plate Tectonics and Drift
  16. (1 pt.) Why did Du Toit, and other South African Scientists believe Wegener's hypothesis more than most others?

    What causes reversal of the Earth's magnetic field?
  17. (1 pt.) What is the minimum time between magnetic reversals?

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