Below is a Video I made at the end of 2014 about what my students had to say on teachers using websites, and flipped video lessons.

Flipping Using Camtasia


  1. Show video Flippage
  2. Excerpt of flipped video, Voki, and homework button.
  3. Create script, Film greenscreen, add annotations, video, image, and sound timeline.
  4. Goal setting
  5. Joby Grip Tight mount
    Ravelli APLT2 Tripod
    Blue Snowball mic, Samsun G-Track USB
    Sony HDR-CX220
    CowboyStudio PopOut Background Panel
    Fuse App: choose techsmith on your cell phone

Useful Links

Online Tutorials for Camtasia

Educational Pricing

TechSmith EDU Site

TechSmith Education Blogs Several are good on Flipping!

TechSmith’s Interview of Me!

How to Make Your own WP Website

TechSmith Fuse Integrates Your Smart Phone w/ Camtasia

Royalty Free Music

Voice Thread BVSD Google App

Helpful Nerd This Guy Designed this WP Site!

Reflector App This app allows your phone or tablet to become a control center for you to display onto the big screen!

QRLICIOUS made this QR Code

Last one on Paper Headings, September 2016:

Green Screen Process, just finished June 2016:

Dr. Lodge McCammon Encourages teachers to use videos “Flipping the Classroom Time to Teach”
Vision: Every teacher has a playlist so their class is completely transparent & Accountable

  • Teaching the “World” and not just your kids. – teach your parents and community (On Youtube)
  • Increased Efficiency – no interruptions – simple and concise – 60 min. lectures become 10 min. videos
  • Reflective practice
  • Multi-modal – or somatic/episodic learning.
  • Using your strengths/gifts for enhancing the lesson – creating your own teaching style; as evidenced by his song/dance technique to learn historical periods.