1. Thermal Energy Notes 1-20
  2. Thermometer MiniLab (Critical Analysis)
    Ex. 1
    Ex. 2
    Ex. 3 p1
    Ex. 3 p2
    Ex. 3 p3
  3. Refrigerator Homework (Pride)
    Refrigerator picture
  4. Absolute Zero Movie Questions
  5. Salt in Melting Ice Homework (Pride)
    Lowering the Freezing Point of Water with Salt
  6. Thermal Energy Quiz (Conceptual Understanding)
    Example p1
    Example p2
    Example p3
    Example p4

  7. Hot Air Balloon Homework (Pride)
  8. Ice Cream Lab (Critical Analysis) (Communication)
    Ice Cream Lab Graphs All Periods
    Ice Cream Lab example graph
    Ice Cream Lab example p1
    Ice Cream Lab example p2
    example conclusion ’20

  9. State Changes and Energies Notes
  10. Change of State Homework
  11. Section Review p. 89 on Gas Laws
  12. Gas Notes
  13. Gas Lab (Critical Analysis) (Communication)
    Gas lab graph
    Gas lab data table
    Gas lab Conclusion
    Gas Lab Graph
    Gas Lab Conclusion p1
    Gas Lab Conclusion p2
    Gas Lab Conclusion p3
    Gas Lab Conclusion p4
  14. Pascal’s Principle Homework (Pride)
  15. Fluid Dynamics Notes
  16. Pressure & Fluid Dynamics Quiz (Conceptual Understanding)
    Example page 1
    Example page 2
    Example page 3
    Example page 4
  17. All of the Atoms Notes
  18. Atomic Theory Video
    Pear Deck on Atoms (Conceptual Understanding)
  19. Favorite Element Homework (Pride)
  20. Make Your Own Periodic Table Homework (Pride)
  21. History of Elements Video
    History of Elements Pear Deck (Conceptual Understanding)
  22. Order of the Elements Video
    Order of the Elements Pear Deck (Conceptual Understanding)