1. Expectations Handout and Safety Contract (Pride)
  2. Google Classroom Login codes for 6th grade Phys Sci

    3rd Period qt4jn9m
    4th Period e12ksa0
    5th Period c23zgis
    6th Period s4cht9z
    7th Period cfuph9g
  3. Five Truths & a Lie Website Familiarization Homework (Pride)
  4. Pear Deck on Expectations & Beginning of Year
  5. What is Science?
    What is Science Video
  6. Pear Deck on What is Science?
  7. Shadow Lab (Critical Analysis & Communication)
    Shadow Lab Data Table
    Shadow Lab Graph
    Shadow Lab Conclusion
    Shadow Lab Data Table 2
    Shadow Lab Graph 2
    Shadow Lab Conclusion 2p1
    Shadow Lab Conclusion 2 p2
    Shadow Lab Conclusion 3 p1
    Shadow Lab Conclusion 3 p2
    Shadow Lab Conclusion 3 p3
  8. Mystery Tube Homework (Pride)
  9. Mini Speed Lab (Scientific Method)
    Graphing Change of Speed

  10. Pendulum Homework (Pride)
    Pendulum example p1
    Pendulum example p2
    Pendulum example p3
  11. Speed Graph Notes

  12. Quiz 1 (Conceptual Understanding)
    Quiz 1 ex. p1
    Quiz 1 ex. p1 experiment explanation
    Quiz 1 ex. p2
    Quiz 1 ex. p3
    Quiz 1 ex. p3 experiment explanation
    Quiz 1 ex. p4
  13. Fake Science Project Homework (Pride)
  14. Inclined Roll Lab (Critical Analysis & Communication)
    Last Year’s Example Write-up! (5)
    Lab example 1 p1
    Lab example 1 p2
    Lab example 1 p3
    Lab example 2 p1
    Lab example 2 p2
    Lab example 2 p3
  15. Science Project Homework 1 (Pride)
  16. Science Project Homework 2 (Pride)
  17. Quiz 2 (Conceptual Understanding)
    Quiz 2 ex. p1
    Quiz 2 ex. p2
    Quiz 2 ex. p3