1. Make Your Own Periodic Table Homework (10 pts) (PP)
    Periodic Table of Countries
  2. Section Review p. 117 (12 pts) (Formative)
  3. Element Discoverer Homework (10 pts) (PP)
  4. Alien Periodic Table (20 pts) (Formative)
  5. Favorite Compound Homework (10 pts) (PP)
  6. Section Review p. 163 (16 pts) (Formative)
  7. Molecules Notes
  8. Molecule Project (10 pts) (Formative)
    Making Molecules Handout

  9. Make a Molecule Homework (10 pts) (PP)
    Student Examples
  10. Chemistry a Volatile History Questions (7 pts) (PP)
  11. Order of the Elements Movie Questions (7 pts) (PP)
  12. Quiz 8 (44 pts) (Summative)
    Quiz 8 Example p1
    Quiz 8 Example p2
    Quiz 8 Example p3
    Quiz 8 Example p4
  13. Chemical Equations Homework (10 pts) (PP)
  14. Bonds Lab (20 pts) (Formative)
    Bonds Lab data table p1
    Bonds Lab data table p2
    Bonds Lab data table p3
    Bonds Lab data table p4
    Bonds Lab conclusion p1
    Bonds Lab conclusion p2
    Bonds Lab conclusion p3
    Bonds Lab conclusion p4
    Bonds Lab example 2 p1
    Bonds Lab example 2 p2
    Bonds Lab example 2 p3
    Bonds Lab example 2 p4
  15. Antoine Lavoisier Homework (10 pts) (PP)
  16. Section Review p 201 #2-5 (14 pts) (Formative)
  17. Balancing Equations Notes
  18. PHET’s Balancing Equations Game
  19. Chemical Equations (10 pts) (Formative)
    Chemical Equations p2
    Equations Balanced
  20. 2 Hot 2 Handle Lab (20 pts) (Formative)
    Hypothesis Example
    Data Table Example
    Notes Example
    Conclusion p1 Example
    Conclusion p2 Example
    Conclusion p3 Example
    2Hot2Handle Chemistry Explained
  21. Acid Base Homework (10 pts) (PP)
  22. Wave Notes
  23. EM Wave Notes
  24. Waves Homework (10 pts) (PP)
  25. Semester Final (57 pts) (Summative)
    Example p1
    Example p2
    Example p3
    Example p4
    Example p5
    Example p6
    Example p7
    Example p8
    Example p9
  26. 26. Waves Mini-lab (10 pts) (PP)
    Modulation of Waves Notes
    Speaking in Phases NASA

    Waves Lab Not enough time to do this lab this year!
    Data Table ex1
    Conclusion p1 ex1
    Conclusion p2 ex1
    Data Table ex2
    Conclusion p1 ex2
    Conclusion p2 ex2