2010: 4th Quarter Assignments 8th Grade Earth Science

  1. Section Review p. 566 (18 pts) Formative
  2. Weather Map Homework (10 pts) PP
  3. Air and Wind Notes
    Weather Notes
  4. Weather Quiz 10 (34 pts) Summative
    Weather Quiz 10 p1
    Weather Quiz 10 p2
    Weather Quiz 10 p3
    Weather Quiz 10 p4
  5. Weather Packet (20 pts) Formative
  6. Water Treatment Homework (10 pts) PP
  7. Weather Lab (20 pts) Formative
    Map and Rel Hum. Chrt
    Last Year’s 3 Day Lab Data
    Daily Grid
  8. Climate Graph Homework (10 pts) PP
  9. Water Distillation Lab (15 pts) Formative
  10. Water-Climate Notes April 27th
  11. Water Cycle Homework (10 pts) PP
  12. Water Clicker Questions (13 pts Formative)
  13. Water Lab (20 pts) Formative
  14. Tides Homework (10 pts) PP
  15. Quiz 11 (40 pts) Summative
    Quiz 11 p1
    Quiz 11 p2
    Quiz 11 p3
    Quiz 11 p4
    Quiz 11 p5
  16. Eclipses Homework (10 pts) PP
  17. Sputnik Declassified Movie Questions (10 pts) PP
  18. Monster Black Holes Movie Questions (10 pts) PP
  19. Parallax & Red Shift
    Moon Distance & Light Years
  20. Telescope Homework (10 pts) PP
  21. 8th Grade Final Exam Clicker Version
    8th final p1
    8th final p2
    8th final p3
    8th final p4
    8th final p5
    8th final p6

    8th Grade Final Exam Fill in Blank Version
    8th Clicker Final p1 (47 pts)
    8th Clicker Final p2
    8th Clicker Final p3
    8th Clicker Final p4
    8th Clicker Final p5
    8th Clicker Final p6
    8th Clicker Final p7
    8th Fill-in-Blank Final p1 (41 pts) Summative
    8th Fill-in-Blank Final p2
    8th Fill-in-Blank Final p3
    8th Fill-in-Blank Final p4
    8th Fill-in-Blank Final p5
    8th Fill-in-Blank Final p6
    8th Fill-in-Blank Final p7
  22. Parallax & Red Shift Lab