Welcome to Vol. 8 - Electronics

This whole unit is worth a total of 18 points. You only need to complete 6 questions for each of the three days. More can be done for extra credit! This unit's questions can be answered by using the links provided above each set of questions. All assignments must have BOTH the QUESTIONS and the ANSWERS. You can either e-mail me your questions and answers, or turn them in to your class's in-box in my room. Make sure that you have read over your answers SEVERAL times.

    Electricity and Magnetism
  1. (Abacus)Draw a picture of what the Abacus looks like when you have made the number 1,450.03.

  2. (Orbitals) How many electrons seem to be in the fx(z2-y2) orbital?

  3. (Factors Affecting Capacitance) Which material on the list of capacitors tested can give the most electrostatic force?

  4. (Charging and Discharging Capacitors) At what point is the capacitor completely discharged?

  5. (Compact Discs) Storing information as ones and zeros is called what?

  6. (Magnetic Fields) How does a magnetic field align compared to an electrical current's direction (parallel, or transverse)?

  7. (Crookes Tube) Why does the shadow appear at the end of the tube?

  8. (Metal Detector) How does a metal detector work?

  9. (Vacuum Tube Diodes) Based on what you see in the vacuum tube when the voltage is increased, and the blue glow/blue line on the graph, what must it mean for an alternating current to be "rectified"?

  10. (Electrophoresis) What are the black macromolecules used for in the gel plate?

  11. (Faraday's Experiment) What is electromagnetic induction?

  12. (Faraday's Second Experiment) What does the magnetic field have to be doing to induce current?

  13. (AC Generator) How do they get the current to "Alternate"?

  14. (DC Generator) How do the commutators keep the current flowing in one direction instead of back and forth?

  15. (Hard Drives) How exactly is information "written" to the hard drive?

  16. (lenz's Law) When a current is induced, what direction is the induced magnetic field in relation to the magnetic field generating the current?

  17. (Lightning) How is a charge built up between the clouds and the ground?

  18. (Magnetic Field Lines) How can you tell that the magnetic field is stronger at the poles?

  19. (Condenser Microphone) How does a microphone change sound waves into an alternating electric current?

  20. (Ohm's Law) How many milliamps of current are produced when there is 112V and 325067 Ohms of resistance?

  21. (Pulsed Magnet) At what field strength, in Teslas, does the magnet finally explode?

  22. (Tuning a Radio Receiver) What job does the variable capacitor have in tuning the radio frequencies?

  23. (Rutherford Experiment) How many times more massive are Helium nuclei than electrons?

  24. (Creating Silicone Seascape) What job does Ultraviolet Light have in the silicone chip making process?

  25. (How a Speaker Works) How is alternating current changed into sound waves?

  26. (Transformer) How do you make a step-up transformer?

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